SWR Goals 2015 - 2017

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Southwest Regional Goals for the 2015—2017 Biennium

Radiate…with Altruism

  • Continue to support altruistic projects at the International, Regional, S/P/N and chapter levels
  • Advertise worthy projects to illuminate the many accomplishments

Glow…with World Understanding

  • Engage with the International Teacher Education (ITE) scholars
  • Support the two ITE scholars studying in the Southwest Region
  • Participate in the selection and support of the next International World Understanding project

Sparkle…with Educational Excellence

  • Celebrate outstanding educators in our chapters
  • Nominate active teachers for the Excellence in Education Award at the S/P/N level
  • Provide contemporary educational programs at chapter meetings

Glisten…with Membership

  • Share chapter achievements to inspire educators to join our organization
  • Target positive net growth at the chapter and state levels
  • Provide newsletters and personal contact with current members so they connect with the chapter,  S/P/N & SW Region
  • Determine S/P/N areas for possible new chapter development