World Understanding Message

From Pippy Rogers, Gulf Region Chairman

Dear Gulf Sisters,
The deadline is soon approaching to submit your World Understanding Project. As of January 30, 2016, Gulf Region has not received any applications. I am sure you are aware that TIME waits for no one!
Yes, I do believe there are sisters in Gulf Region who must have a favorite project worthy of considering for our next WU Project. The International World Understanding Committee needs applications for the next World Understanding Project.  Many Alpha Delta Kappa Sisters are affiliated with needy causes here or in other countries. So let the committee know about the cause you care about by writing a proposal for Alpha Delta Kappa's next International World Understanding Project. You never know, your project could be the one who wins the votes!
WU  Project Application information:
*  Details of the application can be found on the International and Region Website in November.
*  Send completed applications to Gulf Region World Understanding Chairman Pippy Rogers,

*  Project application deadline is March 2016
*  Projects selected will be voted on at the 2016 Gulf Conference and/or on line
*  Projects must be affiliated with a US approved non-profit
*  Costs of project not to exceed $50,000
I will be watching for those applications to flood my email box, GO GULF REGION!
Pippy Rogers

International World Understanding Committee

Dear Alpha Delta Kappa Sisters,

Applications are currently being accepted for proposals for a new Alpha Delta Kappa International World Understanding project.  This is your opportunity to promote the cause your chapter or S/P/N has embraced. Please submit your proposal to the World Understanding Chairman of your region (The names and addresses/email addresses are attached) by March 30 of even years.  Proposals may be submitted by chapters or states/provinces/nations.  They must include the signature of the chapter or S/P/N president.

The International Chapter wishes to continue to support world understanding through worthwhile projects.  These projects are a wonderful example of Alpha Delta Kappa’s dedication to educational excellence, altruism and world understanding.

Each proposal must include the following information:

    Project Name and Description
        Project name should be an acronym or a short meaningful phrase that reflects the goals and purpose of the project
        Description should be four sentences that could be used on the ballot
        Project description should include the impact of the project on women/children's issues and the community
        Project submission for evaluation purposes should not exceed a total of 25 pages and must be submitted electronically
    Financial needs for the project.
        Goals for the project
        Requested amount required to complete the project not to exceed $50,000 (money available after August in odd years)
        Statement of specific itemization of how funds will be spent
        Identify deadlines and date for completion of the project
    Name of and information about organization
        Must be well-established US non-profit (IRS requirement)
        Include a contact's name and email address
        Include organization’s website
        Include documentation of history, success rate and completion of previous projects
    Background Check of the organization
        Include copy of the report from a charitable evaluator that the organization is associated with or another such as or
        Include a copy of the IRS status report
    History of the organization's involvement with Alpha Delta Kappa
        Include Alpha Delta Kappa contact person and email address/ phone number
        Describe your chapter's/state's involvement with the organization
        Include two letters of recommendation from Alpha Delta Kappa Members
    Upon Completion of the project, a final audit must be sent to Alpha Delta Kappa Headquarters

The International World Understanding Committee members will each review the proposals using the attached rubric.  Proposals will be rated and ranked according to the rubric.  The top five proposals will be forwarded to the International Alpha Delta Kappa Executive Board for review.  They will identify the top three proposals for the entire membership to vote on at Regional Conferences in June and July of even numbered years.  Members will also be able to vote online.  The winning proposal will be announced in late summer after the regional conferences.

This is an exciting opportunity for chapters, states, provinces and nations to share information about a worthy project that they have had experience with and recommend it to the rest of the organization as the next International World Understanding Project.   It is also an opportunity to learn more about the world around us and how each of us can and must make a difference.  Let’s keep the momentum going!


International World Understanding Committee


Gulf- Pippy Rogers 
1585 Hwy 54  
Moreland, GA  30259 
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International Chairman – Barb Eason 
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