Welcome to The Gulf Region 

Gulf Region Theme: “Making Connections - Cultivating Success.” Symbol: Butterfly

In 1989 a very special group of educators invited me to become a member of Alpha Delta Kappa - Florida Alpha Sigma Chapter.  Little did I know what a wonderful journey I would take for the next 25 years, and what caring friends I would make along the way.  Pearls are defined as " a precious things; the finest examples of something."  All of our sisters are the precious pearls of our organization. 
In 2010 as state president of Florida, I adopted the theme "Nurturing fraternal excellence in the garden of sisterhood."  The logo was the "watering can."  At my state convention I was presented this beautiful watering can, shown above, by the Gulf International Vice President Edwina Aaron (2009-2011).  Her mother, who is legally blind, painted the watering can and I have treasured this gift ever since.
In 2013, International President-elect June Bellamy encouraged me to accept the position as the Gulf Regional Membership Consultant.  Again, the opportunity to serve with fourteen outstanding educators and sisters opened my heart to membership issues we are currently facing today.  
At the 2015 International convention I was asked to address the question:  "What is the key to the future of Alpha Delta Kappa?"  In my heart, I truly feel that we need to make every sister feel like she is that precious pearl.  Like some butterflies, which are agents of pollination, we need to encourage sisters to continue to make connections with others, and we need to cultivate and share our successes.   We have some exciting programs, ideas and projects being created in the Gulf Region.  It is my pleasure to share the "good news" with others.
With sisterly love,
Debby Stubing, IVP Gulf Region