Welcome to AΔK Foundation

Through The Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation, established in 1981, members reach out to others in two very significant ways. First, the Foundation awards over a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships biennially through its scholarships and grants programs, plus it has provided perpetuating endowments administered by the University of Missouri – Kansas City Conservatory of Music, the Kansas City Art Institute and Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas. Current scholarships and grants programs include: The International Teacher Education Program, the Excellence in Education Award, the Fine Arts Grants and the Regional Professional Development Scholarships. The many lives these scholarships have enriched are testimony to the collective effort of our members. Secondly, through its International altruistic projects, the Foundation has contributed more than one million dollars to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, one of the world’s foremost research and treatment centers for catastrophic childhood diseases. Delegates to the 2013 International Convention chose the Alzheimer's Association as its second International altruistic project.

The Foundation has a rich history of charitable giving, but our members want to do even more. They want to provide scholarships for National Certification, scholarships for educators pursuing advanced degrees, scholarships for women returning to the workforce who are pursuing a degree in education and to increase the amount of money awarded to many of our current scholarships, plus increase the money we give to our International altruistic projects.

You can help turn these dreams into reality and make a real difference in the lives of others. The following is a brief introduction to the ways in which you may support and further the mission of The Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation through tax deductible* gifts.

*Tax regulations vary from state to state and country to country. Before making a charitable gift, consult a tax advisor or the latest information regarding specific tax benefits. Members in countries other than the United States should follow the tax laws of their respective governments.
Planned Giving
A formal planned giving program is in place for members who are committed to the same mission as the Founders of Alpha Delta Kappa. These members help ensure the future of Alpha Delta Kappa’s scholarships and altruistic programs by making gifts either during their lifetime or through their estate plans. Gifts may be made as cash donations or deferred through an estate plan. Deferred gifts may include: bequests, life insurance, real estate, securities, trusts. etc.

Hall of Benefactors
Members who make current cash gifts of $500 or more become members of the Hall of Benefactors. Names are recorded in the Hall of Benefactors book maintained at Headquarters and published in the KAPPAN and on the International Website.

Heritage Society
Members who notify Headquarters that a provision for the Foundation has been made in a will or estate plan become members of the Heritage Society. Names are published in the KAPPAN and on the International Website, and, once the gift is received from the estate, the name is added to the Hall of Benefactors book.

Memorial and Recognition Fund
Members make donations throughout the year in memory, recognition or honor of members, friends and loved ones. Members often use this fund in lieu of sending flowers. Along with your donation, please include the necessary information about the person being memorialized or honored so the donations and acknowledgments will be processed accurately.

Leadership Legacy Fund
This fund was established so that members, chapters and state/provincial/national organizations could honor past and present Alpha Delta Kappa leaders at all levels. Forms are available in the KAPPAN. Donations must be received by September 15 or March 15 to be listed in the next issue of the KAPPAN. Minimum donation: $100 per honoree.

International Presidents’ Fund
A donation to this fund may be made to honor or memorialize the current or past International Presidents. Upon receiving the donation, the president’s name, date of the biennium in which she served and the name of the donor is engraved on the International Presidents’ Fund plaque maintained at Headquarters.  Minimum donation: $100 per honoree.