International Website Help

Welcome to the Alpha Delta Kappa International website! 

In order to improve your experience most of the website is NOT password protected, including documents and forms. The only areas that require a login are the directory, "my profile", the marketplace and some other areas but the remainder of the site is public. 

In addition, be sure that your email address is current so you can visit the password protected portions of the website and we can more easily communicate with you.

Contact Headquarters directly for specific information regarding the standard formula for logging into the website. 

On the sign in drop down box there are links to “Forgot my password or my username” that you can also use in order to obtain your username/password when needed. 

You can update your own contact information and/or change your username/password (once logged in). This can be done by going to "my profile" and clicking on the little pencil icon at the top right corner of the area you wish to update.

Once logged in, go to the directory and you will land on the "my chapter roster" tab and can view your own chapter roster. The Chapter President, Chapter Treasurer and Chapter Membership Chairman can update the chapter roster through the online directory. See instructions on that tab.  

Within the online directory there is a "chapter" tab and a "member" tab. Instructions are listed on each tab.  

S/P/N officers only have access to the "S/P/N" Tab within the online directory and instructions are listed on that tab. 

The latest announcements are always listed on the homepage both within the image slider and under AΔK Announcements. Upcoming due dates are listed on the AΔ​K Calendars link and includes Officers', Pearls and General. 

NEW members are able to log into the website once Headquarters has received notification of their initiation date, which then activates their membership. They would also follow the standard username/password information.

If a chapter needs to update their officers, they can submit the H-107, Report of Chapter Officers form. At Headquarters, we track the Chapter President, Chapter Treasurer and Chapter Membership Chairman and are only able to list one member per office/chair. 

The search feature can be used to better locate items. It is an extremely useful tool. 
Documents and Forms:
Documents and Forms can either be downloaded and typed into or printed and submitted however chosen (USPS, fax, scan to email, etc.). Some forms have online submission available, which is preferred.  

To download/edit a document/form you must either sign into your Google account to add the document to your Google drive OR, once on the document, click on FILE>Download as>Microsoft Word (.docx) OR click on a form link and click on the download button (arrow with line under it). To turn on formatting you must download the document first.


Contact Us 
International Headquarters Staff is available to assist you with your questions, concerns and need for assistance. Please feel free to contact us for all of your AΔK needs! 

Chapter Meetings 
AΔK Month/Founders Day Central, Ceremonies Booklet, Chapter Program Ideas, Distinguished Program Award (DPA), Fraternity Education, Fundraising Ideas, Pearls of Achievement Program, Recruitment/Reinstatement/Retention, Sample Chapter Meeting Agenda, Etc.

Chapter Documents and Forms 
H-103, Membership Application; H-114, Annual Chapter Highlights Summary Form; H-154, Petition for Reinstatement; H-151, Chapter Form for Prospective Members; Chapter Needs Assessment (CNA); Chapter Altruistic Report Form; Etc.

Scholarships and Grants
Regional Professional Development, Regional-Mini, Fine Arts Grants, Excellence in Education Award, Classroom Grant, Etc.

Clip Art, The Lamp of AΔK Song, Poems, Publications, AΔK Websites, Documents and Forms, Directory, Etc. 

General and Guiding Documents and Forms
International Bylaws, Handbook, Membership Development Manual, Etc. 
Chapter Supplies and Brochures (Available to Order) 
S45 "Real Life Connections for Today's Members" Brochure, S44 "Big Opportunity" Purse Size, AΔK International - Windows of Opportunity, Etc. 

Official Badges, Jewelry and Gifts, Etc. 

Contact Headquarters:
Please contact Headquarters for any questions, concerns or assistance! That's what we're here for...our members!!